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My name is Ming Cheng, Cheney as my English name, and I´ve been a native citizen of People's Republic of China with rich traveling experience in the land of Civilization. I have 7years of living and working experience in Shanghai, one of top cities in China and the greatest financial capitals in the world.I am a "people person", who always welcomes visitors with a cheerful and friendly attitude, plus the insight I acquired myself from the traveling practice. With me there is no such word as "strangers" and there exists a word " connection". When you are in my care as a guide, I always have an open mind to learn from anyone that has knowledge to share and I´m always ready to teach you about what the country gives me, such as culture, custom, tradition and even local accent, so I´m inviting you to explore the country ancient and robust.
What I offer
Walking city tour; Bicycle city tour; Museum tour (Shanghai Museum); Night-Club tour and tour as specified by the clients.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I am a Shanghai-based engineering translator with six years of working experience.

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