Argentina is a country of passion and adventures. The country is always associated with the image of big steaks, passionate dances, various attractions and sights. It has no internationally renowned museums but a great number of tourists long for traveling to this country. The best way to explore the regions of Argentina is with the help of personal guides, who will open for you this mysterious and unforgettable country. Our private tour guides from PrivateGuide are experienced and friendly people so the tourists will feel comfortable and ill at ease, communicating with them.

Tour guides in Argentina usually include Buenos Aires – the capital and the most frequently visited city. Traveling to the west of the country, the tourists are provided with great outdoor opportunities for hiking, skiing, mountain biking the Andes offer. The lovers of nature and wildlife are invited to the south of Argentina as it is an area of big glaciers, various species of birds, seals, penguin colonies, and other arctic animals. Private tour guides in Argentina welcome the visitors to the northwestern part of the country. The most common geographical sites of this area are deserts and steppes. The northeastern part of Argentina is famous for the Iguazu Falls, one of the greatest wonders of nature in the world, which draws the international tourists. Thanks to the fact the local weather is mostly pleasant all the year round; this territory is usually called the “Paris of the Americas”.

With our local guide from PrivateGuide you will be fascinated with the trip to Argentina. Exploring the colonial architecture of the cities and towns of Argentina, taking pleasure in local atmosphere, the food, and the shopping, you will for sure want to come back again.
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