Austria means a lot of things from jewel-box palaces and Mozart melodies to sparkling Alps and such major cities as Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck and others. Our personal guides help you to visit the most interesting and exciting places of Austria, which makes your journey a perfect vacation. 

A trip to Vienna, Austria’s heart, with out local guide from PrivateGuide fully justifies the expectations of the tourists. You will be fascinated with Habsburg palaces, surrounded with beatiful gardens, with striking beauty of Salzkammergut’s lakes, with the historical spa towns like Bad Ischl, with the fairy-tale, reflected in the arcitecture of Linz. Our personal guide takes you to Carnuntum, where a lot of Roman archaeological sites are concentrated, suggests you to take part in numerous festivals, annualy held there. Austria’s rich heritage is also printed in Salzburg’s baroque splendour, that’s why our privat guides for sure offer you the trip to this city, where you can not only do pefect sightseeing but also witness the remnants of Stone Age settlements. Wherever you go in Austria, keep in mind that you are never far away from historic city centers, bright cultural events, and gourmet restaurants. In the recent years Austria has earned the worldwide reputation of vibrant wine country, known for high quality and innovation. A trip to Austria is a chance to get closer to nature, get to know the people and their wonderful traditions.

So, put aside numerous tourists broshures and picture-books, as the real trip to Austria with PrivateGuide is even more enchanting and challenging. In the country where Mozart composed his waltzes, Strauss presented the world with his best music, you won’t need to search hard for culture – it waits for you at every turn.
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