Brazil – there is no such a person who has never wanted to visit this beautiful country. With PrivateGuide Brazil your dream will come true. Our personal guides show you the powdery white-sand beaches, lined with palm trees and fronting a deep blue Atlantic, acquaint you with noisy metropolises, show the medieval architecture and atmosphere of colonial towns, kept in time-capsule condition.

For more than five thousand years Brazil has been playing a leading role in the sphere of international tourism. The country offers sights for different tastes: red-rock canyons, huge waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers will take the nature lovers’ breath away, the attractions of the Amazon and the Pantanal are waiting for the adventure seekers. You needn’t even go to jungle to get a portion of adrenalin. Our local guides offer you a wide range of challenging activities, among which kayaking, rafting, trekking, snorkeling, and surfing. Sightseeing is simply outstanding in Brazil. The big cities provide the tourists with the opportunity of entertainment, shopping and recreation; small colonial villages suggest an escape from everyday life. Travelling around Brazil with PrivateGuide, you will realize that this country is nothing more than an exercise in superlatives: the fifth-largest country in the world, occupying nearly half of the continent of South America; a place where the best Carnival can be seen, regular winner of the most World Cup soccer championships, home of the world's largest rainforest. Moreover, it houses the Amazon, which is the world's largest river in both volume and length. This list can be continued more and more.

PrivateGuide Brazil assists you in seeing a new world with a large variety of cultural, natural, and historical attractions. You will be surprised with a huge array of activities and things to do our local guides offer you in Brazil.
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