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Hi! I\'m Catia, an official tourist guide and I\'ll be glad to tour with you around the whole country! \r\nI\'m an easy-going and laid-back person and I always prefer to turn these tours into some informal conversation about the culture and places that you\'re experiencing... like if we were some old friends that accidental just met 5minutes ago! \r\nI\'m totally passionate about my job and country/culture, and I\'m sure that you\'ll also be at the end of the tour!
What I offer
Private tours, planned to be as relaxed as informative. My license is valid in the whole country, so, feel free to email me how many time do you have, which are your major interests, places you\'d like to visit... and I\'ll be glad to create a tailor-made tour for you. If don\'t have any ideas, I\'ll be glad to give you some!\r\nMy company is licensed by the Official Tourism Board and my tours include Personal Accidents insurance.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
Lived abroad for almost 3years, experiencing other cultures and backrounds. \r\nI have a Tourism degree and a master in Sustainable Tourism.\r\nI\'m a licensed guide (in Portugal only licensed guides can guide inside National Monuments and sights) and have a 5 years expertise. \r\nLastly, I own a tours company, licensed by the Official Tourism Board.

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