Sintra & Cascais

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Sintra & Cascais


Maximum number of tourists: 6
Price per tour: 350 USD
Duration: 6 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Catia Luis (Date: 09.06.2011)

Tour description

Chosen in the XIVth century as summer residence for the Portuguese kings, and in the XIXth century as the capital of the romanticism, Sintra was called by Lord Byron as "My glorious Eden". The uniqueness of the landscape and the perfect integration between man and nature convinced Unesco to declare Sintra as World heritage.
Here we'll have time to walk around, taste the regional sweets and visit the National Palace (or visit Pena Palace, in the top of the mountain, if you have time for that).
Leaving Sintra we'll cross the National Park of Sintra Cascais, for a small stop at Rocca Cape, the western most point of Continental Europe. We'll arrive at Cascais just on time to have lunch, having the chance to taste the great fresh fish and sea food from there.
As we love the Ocean, we'll go back to Lisbon through a panoramic road all coastline long, letting us see all the beaches from Cascais to Lisbon, and the exact point where the river and the Ocean get together.
Entrance fees not included.

Sintra & Cascais

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