Wine & Cheese tasting

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Wine & Cheese tasting


Maximum number of tourists: 6
Price per tour: 560 USD
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Catia Luis (Date: 09.06.2011)

Tour description

We'll start our journey crossing the 25th of April bridge and going straight to the first taste: we need to prepare our stomachs for all the wine, so, let's try the cheese of Azeitão, visiting the old Dairy and cheese museum, trying both cheese and Moscatel wine.
What about some wine? José Maria da Fonseca is one of the older wine producer brands in Portugal, let's visit this cellar and find why it is forbidden to kill spiders! Here we'll visit 3 wines and taste the famous "Tortas de Azeitão".
It's time to cross the park and look for the most hidden restaurant in the region, where you can sample many of our great dishes.
More wine? Let's go even farer and visit Casa Ermelinda modern cellars and try 6 (six) different wines!
At the end of the tour we'll go back to Lisbon by the Vasco da Gama bridge with a bit of Portugal's taste!
If wanted we can visit a tile-painting factory and paint a tile instead of visiting Casa Ermelinda.
(All tastings are included. Lunch is excluded.)

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