For many years China has been assuming its place among the world’s top travel destinations. Nowadays the country still attracts the international visitors. From noisy cities full of energy you will move to quite and sophisticated rural areas. The sheer diversity of China’s terrain takes your breath away, making you forget about everything on earth.

PrivateGuide China opens you a wide spectrum of local sights and shows the best places in the country. Personal guides help you to see the beauty of panoramas of Tibet, emphasize the historical significance of Shanghai, draw the attention to the volcanic dishes of Sichuan or suggest having rest at the seaside of Qingdao. If you are looking for the solitude and loneliness, our local guides take you to isolated mountain-top Ming-Dynasty villages, where you can even hear a pin drop. Tibet’s distant monasteries are chosen by those who want to re-estimate their life and actions. China will have you bumping into history at every turn, as the country is full of historical places and various monuments, ancient spots and remnants of the past. Do not refuse if the locals invite you to sit down to taste national cuisine, which is considered to be one of the most varied cuisines in the world. It goes without saying you will be satisfied with local specialties. Things to do in China are plentiful. Going sightseeing around urban centers, hiking and trekking in the countryside, mountain climbing, swimming, fishing are just a few ways to spend a day in nearly any region of China.

Private tour guides in China guarantee you a wonderful journey through a country with, perhaps, most culturally idiosyncratic nation on earth. Everyone is constantly talking about China, so why not find out if all this fuss is true to life.
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