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i am hard-working, has the good team cooperation spirit, in a large number of job seekers, I may not be the best, but diligent, steadfast me is the hard work. In the southern internship I learned to manipulate air ticket booking, ticket refund, change, sign and other special circumstances, the airline's basic operation, and customer psychology and other relevant provisions. Also worked in a foreign trade company, fluent spoken English, the main work is the transfer from the airport the foreign guests, as they provide air tickets, hotels and other services. Responsible to take them to Guangzhou the market of goods, travel, good communication with foreigners, communication, to provide satisfactory service. I am now working in Guangxi China Youth Travel Agency Limited company, familiar with the tourism all aspects and links. I have an honest and credible character, full of team spirit, have received systematic education and related professional knowledge training, there are a number of units of internships and part-time experience; serious and responsible work, the courage to face the difficulties and challenges. In university period, I from the study and the life, work and other aspects of strict demands on themselves, in addition to obtain the computer level, English level Four, level six certificate, still trying to acquire national tour guide certificate, diploma and other examinations, hoping to improve their comprehensive quality, and constantly enrich themselves, thus better for your company service. Maybe I still insufficient, but I believe that my efforts, loyalty, not afraid of hardship, will win your favor eyes, and I will use their own actions to prove your decision
What I offer
I am a happy and cheerful girl, like to make a variety of friends, with Chinese tour guide certificate, is a professional tour guides. my dream is to traveled to every corner of the world. I had lived in Guangzhou for many years and familiar with a lot of fun, delicious places , if you have no money , you can call me also, because I only want to make more friends, you can come to my house to play, I can cook the most authentic Chinese food for you and introduce more Chinese friends to you know,

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