There is no other opinion except the only one that France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The list of the attractions, waiting for you with the tour from PrivateGuide, is really endless. Paris with its romantic atmosphere, world renowned monuments and sights, lovely nature, incredible beaches and mountain sceneries, great wines and friendly, smiling people. Should we go on?

The best way to explore France fully is to have the professional help of our local guides, who will take great efforts to make your stay in the country as much comfortable, pleasant and memorable, as it is possible. It is out of the question that Paris is the most visited destination in the whole country. Being one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, “The City of Lights” is a draw for the lovers, as it is also considered to be a place of love and romance. Be sure to visit the Orsay Museum and feel the grandeur of Versailles, savour art and romance, associated with the Eiffel Tower. The North of France much resembles Belgium and the Netherlands. For instance, you will find many similarities between the Grand' Place in Lille with that of Brussels. The western parts of the country, especially Normandy and Brittany, impress the visitors by beautiful sandy beaches and quiet little harbor towns. Do not miss Bordeaux, famous for its wines and 18-th century architecture, have a stop at the Pays Basque with its pretty resort of Biarritz. Magnificent pinot noirs and chardonnays, valued all over the world, can be tasted in the eastern part of France, in the regions of the Alsace, Lorraine, Franche Comte and Burgundy. Private tour guides take you to the Riviera, which draws a lot of visitors every year. Big cities like Marseille and Toulon as well as towns like Orange and Arles are must-sees.

You can like, hate, love France, but you will never be indifferent. With private guide from PrivateGuide you will realize that France is a fabled land of exclusive food and good wine, of royal chateaux and perfectly restored farmhouses. Its landmarks are well known all over the world and easily recognizable by international tourists.

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