Beer or wine, Berlin or Munich, BMW or Mercedes? Haven’t you guessed what country we are talking about? Of course, it is Germany. Gorgeous vine-covered valleys, half-timbered villages, and vibrant urban areas – this is Germany. Exploring this country with PrivateGuide, you will fall in love with this atmosphere of holiday and leisure. The sightseeing tours around Germany will keep you busy for weeks, as a result you will be full of impressions and emotions for a whole life.

A grand capital of Berlin is a must-visit. Apart from historical significance of numerous monuments and sights, you will appreciate the fact that the capital has some of Europe’s best clubs. No matter what is the purpose of your trip to the capital, enjoy it, as Berlin has everything. Private tour guides in Bavaria help you to learn the ancient traditions of Germany, having the excursions to Bavarian castles and vineyards. Munich is a good starting point to find the treasures of Bavaria. One more reason to visit the country is to join one of the world’s great parties – Oktoberfest. At the same time the contrasts are evident. Each German city has its own unique character, formed by its history and the surrounding regions. The beautiful city of Dresden is a symbol of the 21st century, while Cologne has managed to keep its grand heritage well-preserved. With private tours from PrivateGuide you will easily find real jewels: Leipzig, Weimar, Schwerin, discover Bonn and Dusseldorf with their stunning architecture.

You might think you know Germany perfectly until you actually experience it for yourself. Our local guides from PrivateGuide help you to enjoy every opportunity Germany offers the tourists: from skiing Alpine peaks to hiking carefully preserved forests. So, traveling around Germany looks like tasting a part of old Europe, wrapped in a shiny new package.
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