International Tourist Guide Day

Dear colleagues and friends,

Thank you once again for all your efforts and contribution to our project. With each passing year and each completed tour request you are proving that no guide book can compete with a local Private Guide.

It is a true pleasure to read positive feedback from grateful tourists who often mention enthusiastic and flexible approach to the tour planning, kind and caring attitude along with the unsurpassed knowledge of the region. It is you who make their stay at a strange country or town more hassle-free and at the same time create lifelong memories of their trip.

On behalf of the team let me congratulate you on the International Tourist Guide Day and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.



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13:09 August 7, 2013

23:16 September 2, 2013

I.wayan _ seregeg,ss_

please open short tour on my profile

15:42 January 19, 2014

Hrvoje Dario Papic.

Hi Tora,I'm not sure if you are receiving my emails, so I will ask you here. Basically a few times now I got an email from saying «The booking # is cancelled as the Tourist didn’t pay.»Can you please elaborate what that means? I never got any inquiries from a tourist.Thanks,Hrvoje

08:32 am March 11, 2014

George odingo   Milambo

Thank you Tora and your team, i just joined this great team and it would be much pleasure working with you people, networking and sharing ideas.however you will also kindly help guide us through this walk.thank you and all the best.

23:03 October 4, 2014

07:50 am October 20, 2014

Romeo Cung

i got booking ọn 5/11'Butbi cannot contact with tourist.i mailed several times but no can i do?!tksRomeo

08:49 am February 6, 2015

06:24 am March 25, 2015

Ahmed Kamal Elbestawy

Dear Tora Borströmthanks

16:51 December 8, 2015

Victoria Lustig

Dear Tora, I do not know if I already asked you this question. Once the client pays through the website, how do I get paid? Or should client pay 15% and the rest to me directly? Let me know as I am about to confirm a tour. Kind regards, Victoria

04:03 am September 27, 2017

Himal  Ghale

very good site, I am trying to register

16:26 December 18, 2018

01:26 am September 18, 2020

Pema Dorjee sherpa

Very good site, I am trying to register with in your guide side pz

05:13 am May 23, 2023

Adri Sanders

Very, very difficult to leave a review of your guide. How on earth are you suppose to leave it under a specific guide? Surely by now it should be user frie⅘ndly to click on each guide and leave a comment!?

05:14 am May 23, 2023

Adri Sanders

No wonder you see comments dating back to 2014 and nothing to date⅚⁵

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