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Diego Núñez6204ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

I am an Argentinean citizen living in Argentina. Private Tour Guide in Buenos Aires city and sorroun...

Hourly Rate: 32 USDDaily Rate: 259 USD

Victoria Lustig4505ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

Full of knowledge and passion and able to transmit the beauty and highlights of my country.

Hourly Rate: 30 USDDaily Rate: 240 USD

Monica Cassano3803ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

I´m professional and official tour guide & group coordinator Young of spirit and age (63) The b...

Hourly Rate: 30 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Has license: Yes

Liz Andrea Tour Guide Buenos Aires3002ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

Born in Buenos Aires. Official Tour Guide since 2004 Hall of Fame in Trip Advisor. Love what I do!!...

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Has license: Yes

Al Ramirez2601ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

Al Ramirez Wine Tours is a series of wine related activities, that point at Chile's top valleys, win...

Hourly Rate: 55 USDDaily Rate: 240 USD

Has license: Yes

Pablo Piera1704ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

Hello there! I'm Pablo (47) be Welcome to Buenos Aires! I'm photographer and I decided to start this...

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 199 USD

Carina Lago1402ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

I am a fully licensed tour guide and a travel agent, born and raised in my lovely city of Buenos Air...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

Has license: Yes

maria gonzaga1101ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 180 USD

Maria Angeles  Fernandez505ArgentinaArgentinaBuenos Aires

I\'m a professional, fully licensed tour guide. I\'ve been sharing my love for my city with tourists...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

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