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Emam Shaheen7909EgyptEgyptCairo

Hello Egypt lovers. if you are reading this it means you are looking for a tour guide in Egypt and y...

Daily Rate: 40 USD

Has license: Yes

Khaled Abbass4103EgyptEgyptCairo

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Khaled Abbass. I’m a tour guide who specializes in English languag...

Hourly Rate: 13 USDDaily Rate: 100 USD

Has license: Yes

Ereen Yousef3800EgyptEgyptCairo

Iam a professional, Energetic ,intellectual tour guide\r\nIam so proud of my country , my history , ...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 160 USD

Has license: Yes

Hanan Salah3801EgyptEgyptCairo

My name is Hanan Salah, was born in Crazy Cairo in 1981(know it more than myself),graduated from Fac...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 50 USD

Has license: Yes

Tarek Abdel Halim3202EgyptEgyptCairo

I'm a licensed tour guide and egyptologist taking tours since 1991. History and culture are my lifet...

Hourly Rate: 15 USDDaily Rate: 90 USD

Has license: Yes

Ahmed Abdalfatah2702EgyptEgyptCairo

I am very motivated and passionate about the tourism industry \\r\\ni have been in travel, tourism a...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 40 USD

Has license: Yes

Bahy Rafla 2500EgyptEgyptCairo

I'm a professional Egyptologist and Licensed English and Hebrew speaking guide for VIP Groups. - I'...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

Has license: Yes

Anhar kordy2002EgyptEgyptCairo

I am a Professional Certified Egyptian tour guide and travel advisor since 1992.long years of workin...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

Has license: Yes

Haisam  Salama1301EgyptEgyptCairo

I am an English speaking Tour Guide in Egypt, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism. I am also a membe...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 50 USD

mohammed ibrahim1200EgyptEgyptCairo

My name is Mohamed I am Egyptian Tour guide since more than 15 years ago in the German and English m...

Daily Rate: 50 USD

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