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Alexandra B.3502FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Alexander Dekkers3302FranceFrance

4 years ago I started to have traveler groups from the Asia continent and especially from Thailand, ...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 115 USD

Claude Verhaeghe3200FranceFranceLille

I am born in Ypres and spent my life on the battlefields of Flanders and France. Made my first steps...

Daily Rate: 550 USD

Has license: Yes

Polina Viardo2501FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 400 USD

Pawel Clapak2101FranceFranceParis

I have a great passion for Paris and it would be a pleasure to share it with the visitors to the Cit...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 380 USD

Оксана Русанова1701FranceFranceBordeaux

Hourly Rate: 65 USDDaily Rate: 460 USD

Yahoo Yahoo1600FranceFranceParis La Defense

Hourly Rate: 1 USDDaily Rate: 1 USD

Aitor Delgado1300FranceFrance

I love my city and my goal is that you enjoy your stay in this surprising region between Spain and F...

Hourly Rate: 100 USDDaily Rate: 700 USD

Beatrice de Salles1303FranceFrance

I am experienced 15 Yrs + International Tour Guide, speak many languages and I am very organized. ...

Hourly Rate: 75 USDDaily Rate: 350 USD

Yannick Saunier301FranceFranceLyon

Very friendly and professional, I love to make people discover my city. I will show you the nicest v...

Hourly Rate: 100 USDDaily Rate: 410 USD

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