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william lee1000ChinaChinaShanghai

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 60 USD

qin qin901ChinaChinaShanghai

Hi ,this is qinqin,a personal tour guide & business interpreter based in shanghai .

Hourly Rate: 15 USDDaily Rate: 95 USD

Mayfer wan602ChinaChinaShanghai

Dear travelers and guests of Shanghai! My name is Mayfer I'm local Shanghaiese and I am a private to...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 120 USD

Has license: Yes

Ellie Luk505ChinaChinaShanghai

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 60 USD

Kyla Chow404ChinaChinaShanghai

I love travelling, also love to make friends all over the world. So if you want to have a wonderful ...

Hourly Rate: 35 USDDaily Rate: 250 USD

Lisbeta Liu403ChinaChinaShanghai

Hello,I am a girl,25 years old,love travelling,reading and taking with different people from differe...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 80 USD

Jean Liu302ChinaChinaShanghai

Welcome to Shanghai, the financial hub of China. My city is known for urban tourism. You will find h...

Hourly Rate: 30 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Michelle Lu202ChinaChinaShanghai

Thank you for thinking about coming to China and for looking at my website. My chinese name is 星星 (X...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 100 USD

Siyu Sheng202ChinaChinaShanghai

Passionate and outgoing, and responsible, I am a traveler myself and have backpacked to a lot of pla...

Hourly Rate: 15 USDDaily Rate: 120 USD

Sam Chou202ChinaChinaShanghai

" Hi there, Im Jason, a licensed tour guide in china more than 6 years and most of my time work...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 65 USD

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