About PrivateGuide.com

PrivateGuide.com is the best place to find local tour guides anywhere.

We are focusing on independent professionals, including passionate beginners in the industry. This will ensure that you can make your choice searching between different price ranges, tour-types and attitudes (from formal to informal-friendly). 

You can find here both - individual private guides and their highly creative and unique local tours. 

We are launching our project at the beginning of October, 2010. Before start-up, we discussed the idea with colleagues from the tourism industry and a number of professional guides with an aim to receive their input, and to analyze existing working experiences. We not only want to become the best in a field, but also the easiest to use.

Our multinational team of CEOs consists of professionals in different spheres of tourism and connected fields like Internet commerce, marketing and PR. Our strong IT team not only has the creativity and scope to deal with any kind of request, but they are also quick to respond. That is rare.

We have a unique multilevel rating system that is convenient for our Tourists and beneficial for our Guides.

Our Mission: 

  • to make local tours much more exciting
  • to become the best on-line provider of high quality service in tourism guide searches by using the best technologies and experience in the industry
  • to attract here as many Tourists as possible and to become the biggest resource for tour guide searches.

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