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Guilin private tours: 5 Days 4 Nights Yangshuo Longji Rice Terraces Tour

Guilinprivatetours- 4 Days 3 Nights Yangshuo Huangyao Hotspring Tour

Guilin Private Tours mainly specializes in tours around Guilin Yangshuo area in Guangxi, two most popular areas for visitors to China. We cater to the needs of individual tourists as well as small tour groups including families, friends and business colleagues. Tourists can experience the main attractions offered by Guilin Yangshuo Longji Rice Terraces, Nanning, Detian Waterfall and Guizhou Minority area as well as places and activities not normally offered to tourists. We can customize private tours, tour itineraries and tour packages to meet your specific travel needs. We also organize private car service from Guilin to Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan Provinces, etc. Guilin is reputed as one of the best scenic areas in China and is a must-visit travel destination during your trip to China.

Day 1: Airport pickup to Yangshuo. stay in Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel 3*
we will visit Moon Hill, Banyan Tree Park, Dragon bridge, Yulong river and Jiuxian old village.
Moon Hill and Yulong River, Banyan Tree Park.
The Moon Hill, climb up to the top of the hill via the stone stairways to see the panoramic view of countryside.
Yulong River is the biggest branch of Li River in Yangshuo, The pretty Yulong River is said to rival or even beat than Li River in terms of beauty.

Day 2: Yangshuo---Xingping---Huangyao old town---Hezhou Hotspring Hotel. stay in Hot Spring Hotel.
Visit old town Xingping, Cruise in Li River in Xingping part.
It is the oldest town with 1300 years history in the north of Yangshuo as well as the center of Yangshuo until the setup of Yangshuo in 590 A D. The old streets are paved in rocks, and the houses are made of stones with gray tiles.
Cruise for about one hour and an half to see the most scenic section of Li River.
then drive to Huangyao old town, it is well-know due to many Chinese movie shot here, over 1000 years history with aged beautifu banyan trees, towering peaks, crystal clear waters, elegant old buildings with blue bricks and black tiles.

Day 3: Hezhou Guposhan National Park ---Huzhou Stone Forest--Yangshuo.
stay in Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel
Guposhan National Forest Park is located in the northeast of Guangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong Provinces at the junction of Meng Zhu Guangxi Hezhou side in Lingnan , is only 21 kilometers away from the Hezhou town.
A total area of 8000 hectares, with a peak height of a deep valley, majestic mountains, lush forests, abundant flora and fauna, waterfalls trickle fly river, the environment elegant and other characteristics.
Many movies from Hongkong shot in this scenic spot. You will find the beautiful mountains, waterfalls, green land, green trees etc.
Hezhou Stone Forest, situated in Huangtian Town, Babu district,18 kilometers away from the city of Hezhou, occupies an area of 25 hectares with then 100 attractions covering 13 kilometres.
The Stone Forest began to take shape about 500 millions years ago. Due to geological rift and rise about 100 millions years ago, constant karst osmosis and the mining of tin ore for more than 1,000 years, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, stalagmite, stone pillars, gesosynclines, funnels and blind shafts are scattured here and there in the scenic spot, forming various natural wonders such as Funneled Geosynclines, Natural Rift ,Age-old Camel, Natural Dogs Savouring the Moon,Passageway in the Ail, Haven of Peace.

Hezhou Stone Forest is a fairyland as picturesque as the world-famed Stone Forest in Yunnan Province.

Day 4: Transfer to Guilin airport for departure.
the quote is based on per person with usd.

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