The city of sun, fun, wine, and dance. It is about Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is true that Madrid can be compared with for example Paris or even Barcelona. Its architecture is beautiful, but there are no such remarkable sights as Colosseum or Eiffel Tower. All the same with local guides from PrivateGuide you will find a lot of places in the city to make photos, so that later at home tell your friends “this is Madrid”. The most attractive thing in Madrid is the way of living of its people, which can be hard to resist.Madrid is considered Spain’s stylish city. Fine restaurants, astonishing art galleries and numerous bars make up the visiting card of Madrid. Europe’s most open and welcomi...

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Mayte Larraya5102SpainSpainMadrid

My name is Mayte, and I'm a Madrid Native and Qualified Tourist Tourguide .During your stay in Madr...

Hourly Rate: 52 USDDaily Rate: 416 USD

Has license: Yes

Ignacio Diez3500SpainSpainMadrid

Hello! My name is Ignacio.I was born and actually live in Madrid. After finishing the high school I ...

Hourly Rate: 52 USDDaily Rate: 420 USD

Mamen Bosch1500SpainSpainMadrid

It would be a pleasure to be your local host, to show you around making sure you get the most out of...

Hourly Rate: 45 USDDaily Rate: 360 USD

Has license: Yes

Gemma Garcia201SpainSpainMadrid

Hourly Rate: 130 USDDaily Rate: 900 USD

Jose Granero00SpainSpainMadrid

I can proudly say that I´m a “Tour guide”. I work in Madrid and in the surrounding cities of Toledo ...

Hourly Rate: 130 USDDaily Rate: 314 USD

Jen Xiao00SpainSpainMadrid

Private guide for the luxury sector.

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 560 USD

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