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  • Auto: Mitsubishi Lancer
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I am Martin from India and living in UAE for the last 12 years. I was in Dubai for 10 years and now moved to Dibba, Fujairah, part of UAE East Coast.
The East Coast is entirely different from other parts of the UAE and a main destination of foreign and local travellers. I guide & help people to see & explore UAE East Coast. So if you have any queries about UAE East Coast or any other parts of UAE please feel free to contact me. I am always ready to help you all.
What I offer
My services include one day UAE East Coast Tour for cruise travelers, dhow cruise, fishing and diving trips, farm stay, camping, sight seeing etc.

As I am living in Dibba, Fujairah my focus is on UAE East Coast tours. So if you are planning to explore UAE East Coast you can relay on me. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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