What is Mexico? One can hardly answer this question with two-three words. Every visitor has his own unforgettable images. All agree that Mexico is different for different tourists, but all of them have much in common – they passionately love this country. Personal tours from PrivateGuide help you to choose the best Mexico holiday. It can be the activity-based tourism, ecotourism or just an idle time spending on the beach.

Mexico is a paradise for those who conside active rest the best type of vacation. If you like canyoneering, it can be done near Monterrey, for the unforgattable hiking go to the Oaxaca, while the coral reefs of the Yucatan are famous as the good spots for snorkeling. Mexico City is the nonstop capital, full of restaurants and nightclubs. Do not miss the second city of the country – Guadalajara, located north of the capital. The tour guides tell you that it is the exact place to taste local tequila. Northern Mexico attracts the tourists by Chihuahua, which offers amazing sights. Not less impressive are the Copper Canyon, the Basaseachic waterfall, and the Arareco Lake. Do not think that beaches and natural wonders are everything you can witness in Mexico. The country is also interesting for the history fans, as it boasts of some valuable archaeological sites, such as Teotihuacan, El Tajin, and Monte Alban. A single trip to Mexico can hardly give you an opportunity to discover the country fully. It has mountains, beaches, desert canyons, jungles, small colonial towns, big cities, and pyramids. So, you will surely come back again.

If you know just a few Spanish words, be sure that a trip to Mexico will be enjoyable. Mexicans undobtedly help you to feel at home in their country, as they are very friendly and guest-oriented people. But if Spanish is not your language, the local guides do their best to make you feel comfortable and ill at ease in the unknown country.

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