What does the visit to kite-shaped Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, give the tourists? First of all, it is a step way back in time. Secondly, it means to learn the age-old traditions, found practically at every corner. With PrivateGuide you will discover a new world with its mysteries and secrets.

Start your trip around Myanmar from Yangon (Rangoon). The tourists long to see the stunning 2,500-year-old gold-leaf pagoda, Shwedagon Paya, the symbol of the region. The local guides take you to Mandalay to show its ancient theater and nearby ancient sites like U Bein’s Bridge used by commuting monks in saffron robes. Take the dug-out canoe rides across Inle Lake, or arrange unforgettable mountain treks. You will get amazing experience seeing the local men wearing skirt-like longyi, while women are dressed in thanaka (traditional make-up) with blood red juices dripping from their mouths. Where else on earth you can see such a picture? Nowhere, except Myanmar. One trip can’t simply contain so much interesting information as the travel to Myanmar, organized with the help of private tour guides. Have rest on the blissful Bay of Bengal, trek through pine forests to small authentic villages, explore some beautiful temples, enjoy great scenery and unspoilt nature – there are exciting experiences awaiting in Myanmar. The country is a puzzle consisting of small parts like creaking buses, potholed roads, and of course, locals who greet you like long lost family member.

Myanmar is a fascinating country and a real treat for the traveler. It can be gentle or humorous, engaging or considerate, inquisitive or even strange. But never dull or depressive. Myanmar stays in your soul forever.
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