The best thing you can do in Nepal is trekking, because you can trek for weeks without the need even for a tent. Discover amazing beauty of Nepal with PrivateGuide and you will understand that nowhere on earth the ice-cold of the mountains meets the steamy heat of the Indian plains, like in Nepal. Nepal is one of the poorest countries on earth, but it has excellent tourist opportunities. 

The first thing the tourists do in Nepal – visit the three great minikingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley: Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, full of ancient sights and historical spots. Bhaktapur offers some interesting examples of famous Newari architecture, while Kathmandu meets the visitors with a great number of ancient temples. Chitwan National park – this is a place where our local guide takes you to see the tigers and rhinos after the tiring excursions around the cities. It is impossible not to mention the friendliness and openness of the Nepali people. They are quite relaxed, so the country offers a nice break from other crowded tourists destinations. One can not refuse the trip to Everest, especially with private tour guides, who know a lot of interesting stories about this region and show you unusual routs. It should be said that the majority of the tourists are drawn to Nepal by the promise of adventure. White-water rafting, kayaking and mountain biking are the top activities in Nepal.

For more than a decade, Nepal suffered as Maoist rebels battled the government, seeking an end to the country’s monarchy. Nowadays the shooting has stopped, and the country started developing the sphere of tourism. So, plenty of tourists long to see the place where the Orient meets the Subcontinent.
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