In the Netherlands everything is remarkable from picturesque countryside with gleaming green pastures with old windmills to the modern cities offering endless list of sights to see and things to do. Many tourists associate the country with cheese, windmills, wooden shoes and tulips. With PrivateGuide you will discover much more than these symbols of the country.

Amsterdam is a must-visit if you are in Holland. One can’t help admiring picture-perfect streets, the surface of the canals. Our local guides offer you to visit fantastic Van Gogh Museum, which holds rich cultural collection. The National Spectacle Museum is also worth visiting. So the capital provides the tourists with very open, relaxed and international atmosphere. Arnhem is another stop. It attracts the visitors by the close location to the national park “Hoge Veluwe”. Rotterdam is characterized by its modernity at the same time it is the largest seaport in the world. With private tour guides you will feel the difference between the northern and southern parts of the country. Maastricht, the most important city of the South, stands for a good base to explore the countryside with its shimmering lakes, sandy coastlines, and a chain of windswept islands. Tour guide offers you different ways of excursions. You can use bicycle or public transport, because parking is problematic in most town centers. There exist two main features that draw the visitors to the Netherlands. First of all, in the country the prostitution is a legal thing, secondly, small quantities of soft drugs for personal use are legal too.

There aren't many countries in the world with so much water and wind, numerous bikes, beautiful old windmills, amazing flowers, fresh fish, various cafes, tasty cheese and tall people. That’s why a trip to the Netherlands undoubtedly becomes the travel of a lifetime.

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