Mysterious, magnificent, involving – the list of the epithets to describe Paris is really endless. If you only plan to visit Paris, take into account that a personal guide from Private Guide helps you to see the best that the French capital has to offer. With so many sights to see and activities to do, very often it's very difficult for the tourists to narrow the field of choices. So, a personal guide will do this work instead of you. One thing is left for the travelers - to relax and to absorb unique atmosphere of the “capital of romance”. Private Tours of Paris provide the visitors with a splendid opportunity to see the top sights in Paris, chosen by specialists because of their histo...

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Alexandra B.3502FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Alexander Dekkers3302FranceFranceParis

4 years ago I started to have traveler groups from the Asia continent and especially from Thailand, ...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 115 USD

Polina Viardo2501FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 400 USD

Pawel Clapak2101FranceFranceParis

I have a great passion for Paris and it would be a pleasure to share it with the visitors to the Cit...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 380 USD

Beatrice de Salles1303FranceFranceParis

I am experienced 15 Yrs + International Tour Guide, speak many languages and I am very organized. ...

Hourly Rate: 75 USDDaily Rate: 350 USD

Hubert Nadejda202FranceFranceParis

I am a licensed guide in PARIS, I'll make you love Paris, can show the most charming places in the c...

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 400 USD

Olga Usova202FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 400 USD

Dessaint Patricia202FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 350 USD

Anne Muraro101FranceFranceParis

The very select and luxury travel Magazine "Departure Magazine" called me "the best k...

Hourly Rate: 170 USDDaily Rate: 1360 USD

Gustavo Zarco101FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 350 USD

Christophe Burtaire00FranceFranceParis

I am a professionnal tour guide since the year 2000 and self-employed since 2004 ;the same year I bo...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 1050 USD

Rémy Ⅾеⅼаріегге00FranceFranceParis

I am a 33 years old Parisian, and my goal is to make you love Paris as much as I do.

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 380 USD

Anna  Elizarova-Bonev00FranceFranceParis

Hourly Rate: 55 USDDaily Rate: 315 USD

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