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I\\\'m native peruvian tour guide from Cusco Region. I was born in a colonial town couple miles away Cusco City. Since my childhood I learned lots of thing from my ancestors, they came from the Inca extended family (panaka tumibamba) and love leading people to all tourist attraction and do hiking and treks even to the most remote places, unknown by travel agencies and other tour guides, My specialty is to provide personalized service, I like meeting people and become in their favorite guide.\\r\\n\\r\\nif you arrive cusco on advance and make sure I´m real or just say hello, please find me at: Calle Arequipa # 251 (historical center of cusco) at the gate you will find sing it is at only 1 1/2 blocks from the mains square, near the santa catalina church.
What I offer
Cusco Day tours\\r\\nSightseeing\\r\\nTransport based tours\\r\\nBiking tours\\r\\nHorse riding tour\\r\\nDay hikes\\r\\nOutdoor / trekking tours\\r\\nExperience tours\\r\\nCultural & adventure tours\\r\\nEscort tours & language translation\\r\\nMachu Picchu Tours\\r\\nSacred Valley

My Background, Licenses and certificates
In my childhood I worked in my hometown, helping my dad farming different kind of potatoes, Maiz, Quinua, and got involved in the community active life. When I moved to the city (Cusco), I Went to computing and Systems school, Then I Went to language schools to learn English, Italian and basic French. While I was part time working In Travel Agencies as: booking and sales manager, as well as tour operating manager.\\r\\n\\r\\nI also went to Guiding school and got a degree as a Professional Tour Guide: I can lead in any historical monuments; inca trail, machu picchu and all places were licensed guide is needed.\\r\\n\\r\\n•Member of "AGOTUR". Professional Tour guide associates.\\r\\n\\r\\n•Official tour guide recognized by the PERUVIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE (DIRCETUR) Registry Number 138\\r\\n

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