Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries. Correspondently, there is so much to see and do in the country that you'll run out of time, but not the choice. If you prefer sightseeing tours, our local guides from PrivateGuide take you to the cities of Sweden, which reflect cosmopolitan way of life of the locals and at the same time represent country's glorious past. The visitors can also leave for the countryside, characterized by vast forests, numerous lakes, beautiful mountains and the long diverse coastline.

If somebody tells you that Sweden is on the outskirts of Europe, do not believe. The country was never a cultural outpost. For ages it was the center of design, painting and architecture. So, accept the offer of personal guides to visit Gothenburg city, famous for its traditionalistic architecture. Stockholm is not only the capital, crisscrossed by canals, it is beautiful, hi-tech oriented and rich in historical heritage city, attracting a great number of tourists. Its historic old town is stocked with museums, restaurants, and bars. The trip by old-time steam-ship through Gota Kanal (the Blue Ribbon of Sweden) which connects Gothenburg with Stockholm will be the experience of all your life. Our local guides help you to hire the private boats and invite you to have a cruise through the central plains and valleys of Sweden. If you prefer the rest in the countryside, you will surely like the travel to the south of Sweden, which welcomes the tourists with warm and sandy beaches, an open rural landscape with beautiful manors and patches of woods. Nobody refuses to witness the alpine environment of Lapland, located in the northwest. South is famous for world-class ski resorts and is perfect for hiking and trekking

The country, known for its medieval history as well as its modern history of aviation and electronic, vastly unspoiled nature is never to be missed. Do not loose time and visit the birthplace of the Nobel Peace Prize.
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