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Entertainment activities in Lugu Lake area

Flower House is the dwelling place of Mosuo girls. Lavished by large sum of money, this grand performance was created within 3 years and now is open to public in Lige Village near Lugu Lake. In this show, the Mosuo people will dress up, singing and dancing. The Grandma’s House serves as part of the stage and auditorium meanwhile. Two romantic Flowers Houses erect in the main stage area, shedding light on the Mosuo people’s unique culture. Daily costumes, labor equipment and music instruments are applied to present an all-round and authentic vision feast embracing the various aspects of Mosuo people: birth, labor, love, marriage, sacrifice ritual and death. This fantastic show will be a rewarding experience with lingering memories. By enjoying this singing and dancing, you can gain an insight into Mosuo people’s mysterious Walking Marriage custom.

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