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Lijiang World Heritage List

Lijiang Ancient Town is in the middle of Lijiang basin, Naxi autonomy, Yunnan, China. Since it was included in the World Heritage List in 1997, the historic settlement of Lijiang has experienced a rapid social transformation. The emerging tourist market in the rapid economic development of China has caused gentrification. From 1987 to 1999, the original residents of Lijiang ancient town decreased by 5000 persons or 1500 households, which is about 35% of all households. The population is replaced by merchants from elsewhere because the native Naxi people cannot compete with them. The successful historic preservation of built items needs the support of sensitive social and cultural policies. Otherwise, Lijiang, the ancient town and the local ethnic minority - Dayen old town, Naxi society, and Dongba culture, will soon be changed and consumed by the tourist market. There are some urgent problems that specifically worry the local community:

The central square of the ancient town, Sifang Jie, has changed from a local market that is part of daily life to a tourist souvenir market.
Contradictions between everyday life of ordinary people, including transportation services, sanitation systems, etc, and heritage conservation,.
Traditional interior fireplaces have been prohibited for use for the sake of conservation, however, problems with borers increase the difficulties of maintenance.
All of these issues challenge the urban conservation project. The role of Lijiang ancient town has been transformed from a market town trading between the people of Zang (Tibetan), Yi, Bai and Han, to a global tourist market. The local community is aware of the crisis and the local government is willing to support any suggestions to improve the situation.

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