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Ethnic Village of Yunnan

The Village of Ethnic Culture lies near the Dianchi Lake of south suburb in Kunming and 8 kilometers away from the center of city, covering an area of 1,250 Mu.

The Ethnic Culture Village is the window to display the social culture and custom of 26 nationalities in Yunnan and the largest man-made landscape in Yunnan.

Walking into the Village of Ethnic Culture, you will see that high steel framing door at first. That round sign of the flying gold peacock above the door symbolizes the meaning of multi-nationality's auspiciousness, happiness and prosperousness.

The first is the Dai nationality. "Dai" means freedom. The people of Dai nationality all believe in Buddhism, distributing in Xishuang Banna and Dehong in Yunnan, China. According to their different customs, people divide them into Shui Dai, Han Dai and Huayao Dai. The condition of Shui Dai is displayed in the Ethnic Culture Village.

Bulang nationality has its unique reproduction worship and originality worship. In the Village of Ethnic Culture, the romantic and free marriage customs of Bulang nationality are displayed. Three big oxen heads are hung above the door of Va nationality, meaning rich and honor.

In thought of the people of Va nationality, the more oxen head, the more property. The Lahu nationality has the longest history and they are good at hunting tighers. "Lahu" means roasting tiger meat with fire.

At the entrance of Naxi nationality village, there is a statue: one takes a pike and war-horse is running fast. His name is "Sanduo" and he is the ethnic hero of Naxi nationality.

At first, the Village of Ethnic Culture has the visualization of building 25 nationality villages. Now the places that has been built and opened are Dai nationality, Bai naionality, Yi nationality, Va nationality, Naxi nationality, Dong nationality, Bulang nationality, Jinou nationality and Lahu nationality.

And one family of Mo Suo and the nationality unity square, nationality song and dance hall, large-scale above-water fount, water screen film, eating city, yacht port and so forth are built as well. There are circulation tour coaches providing visitors free taking inside the village. Visitors can visit the garden landscapes earthly inside the village and taste the ethnic culture, music, song, dance, religion art and etc.

Two festivals are the two important events for the minority of Yunnan. They are the Water Splashing Festival and the Torch Festival.

The Water Splashing Festival is the New Year in Dai calendar. At this time, the young girls and fellows of Dai nationality in colorful costumes will spray the auspicious water on the guests' body in the happy sound of drum. Who is sprayed wettest through means that he is the happiest and luckiest!

Th Torch Festival is on 24th, June in lunar calendar and it is the grandest festival of Yi nationality. In the festival, people are bullfighting and tumbling in the day and it is very lively. At nightfall, the torch is flaming and the night sky becomes red. The youths are public merrymaking. All these show the burning and unrestrained character of Yi nationality fully. The whole nationality is very lively at this time.

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