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Kunming Specialities

Porphyry Copper Arts and Rafts (Bantong Gongyi斑铜工艺), Yunnan Go Chess Pieces (Yunnan Weiqizi云南围棋子), Batik (Laran蜡染), Tie-dyeing Cloth (Zharanbu扎染布), Ivory Carving Products (Yadiao Zhipin牙雕制品), National Costume and Ornaments (Mingzu Fushi民族服装服饰), Tinware (Xiqi锡器), Telescope (Wangyuanjing 望远镜), Cigarette (Xiangyan香烟), Tea Leaves (Chaye茶叶), Wild Edible Fungus (Yesheng Shiyongjun野生食用菌), Yuannan Tributary Rice (Yunnan Gongmi云南贡米), Glass Painting (Bolihua玻璃画), Feather Picture (Yumaohua羽毛画), Yunnan Bamboo Shoots (Yunnan Zhusun云南竹笋), Jade (Yuqi玉器).


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