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Bargaining in China

There are many little small vendors in China and it's nice to walk around and look at what they offer. Always bargain when you buy from small vendors, it will get you a better price and the vendors expect it.

Clothes and food in China are very cheap compared to developed countries, the quality of clothes is not as good, while Chinese food is fantastic!

The major shopping malls do not bargain. Bargaining is normally acceptable in most of the small shops. Sometimes, bargaining is more enjoyable than the purchase itself. Here're some bargain tips:

Prior Preparation

When you prepare to buy an article, you'd better check the price in different shops to get a general idea about the price.

Bargaining Practice

Now remember to relax and enjoy the process, but keep some skills in mind:

Offer half of the asking price and work from there.

Try to find some flaws on the article as a excuse of depreciation.

Be stubborn and persistent when bargaining, but keep smiling.

Walk away if you find the price unacceptable, you can always come back later.

If the shopman detains you, it may mean he is close to accepting your offer, and with a little more discussion will accept.

Once the shopkeeper accepts your price, do not try to beat him down again since it would be unfair. After all, the shopkeeper has agreed to the price you have proposed.

End Bargain

It is really enjoyable to buy at a price you are satisfied with, but make sure that the article you take is the one you want since there are some dishonest shop keepers who will replace the purchased products with shoddy ones.

Many shopkeepers use a calculator during bargaining, as these can help overcome the language barrier.

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