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Room: Contains shower / bath and lavatory within the room. The rate is rather affordable.

Single Room - Room designed for only one person.
Double Room - Room containing one large double bed.
Twin Room - Room with two single beds.
Triple Room - Room containing a double bed and a single bed.
Suite: Usually located at the higher floors, a suite is subdivided into several types as follows:

Standard Suite: Also named junior suite or family suite. It contains a drawing room, a bedroom, a shower / bath, a lavatory and comfortable furniture.
Executive Suite: It usually contains a spacious bedroom with two king-size beds, an elegant living room, and a large bathroom with additional facilities such as a whirlpool bath and a guest toilet. Its space is two times that of a standard suite.
Deluxe Suite: Besides those facilities mentioned in the standard suit, each deluxe suite also has a kitchenette, a dining room, a study, a lounge room and a veranda.
President Suite: Usually of seven or eight rooms, it can include the following: president bedroom, first-lady bedroom, a shower / bath, two lavatories, a parlor, boardroom, guard's station, study, kitchenette, a dining room and a room for receiving retinue. Usually, it is the best accommodation in a hotel.
Disabled Guest Room: Room designed to be disabled-friendly.

Connecting Room: Connecting rooms are made up of two or more separate but adjoining rooms, which are connected to each other by a door.

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