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Paradise Hotel Shangri-La

Paradise Hotel Shangri-La is centrally located with shopping and entertainment flourishing around.

This hotel that claims to be the local best can cater to usual need. The good-size clean rooms in Tibetan and modern style offer adequate facilities. The little nice touch is the complimentary humidifier and the small pack with daily essentials. Swimming pool and tour information counter and a nice garden can be enjoyed in the hotel. And oxygen bar are available to facilitate the tourists' high-altitude stay.
Hotel Name in Chinese: 香格里拉天界神川大酒店
Hotel Name in English: Paradise Hotel Shangri-La
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Address in Chinese: 云南省香格里拉县建塘镇长征大道165号
Address in English: No.165 Changzheng Avenue (Changzheng Dadao), Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 674400, China

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