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If you are on a trip to the south of China, and are overwhelmed by choosing just one destination among thousands of cities, a good choice would be Dali. An ancient capital city situated in Yunnan Province, it provides in one place many examples of the wonders China has to offer.

From the majestic snow-capped Cangshan mountain down to the shores of Erhai Lake and everything in between, Dali will keep you busy all the time with things to do and places to see.

It is the ancient capital of the ethnic Bai people's Kingdom of Nanzhao and now officially the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture – a place where ancient and modern China come together perfectly.

There are two parts to Dali, the ancient city (Yucheng city) and the new (Xiaguan). The Dali council keeps the two areas apart so people can experience both separately. So don't be surprised when you find the two areas are a distance of 13km apart. This allows the ancient city to stay away from the influence of modern development and retain its character. You can find all the modern conveniences if you need in the modern city before taking the trip to the old that so many have come so far to take.

Dali has always been popular with Chinese tourists but any foreigners to visit have succumbed to its charms in the ancient city. Dali and its surrounding area has so much to see and do, some of the most famous and well known being the incredible Three Pagodas of Chongsheng which dates back over 1000 years and if you travel a little further, Butterfly Spring at the base of Mount Shenmo, a truly beautiful place. There are colourful festivals to see such as the "Festival of the Third Month" which is celebrated with an open air market that has been held in Dali for over 1000 years on the 15th day of lunar March (usually around the late April or early May). It includes the Dali Folk Festival in which ethnic minorities from the region come to join the Bai people to dance, sing, play music and entertain in their own individual ways.

What's more, the friendly and welcoming Bai people will make you wish to stay for longer no matter how long your stay is, one day or a year.

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