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Transportation in Lugu Area

Lijiang to Lugu Lake:
1: take the long distance bus from Lijiang to Panzhihua which operates since 9:00am and charges 73RMB per person.
2: rent a car. It will cost 400-600RMB per day

Lugu Lake’s scenic spots scatter sparsely, and you need to trek long distance along the gravel road along the cliffs
If you want to see Grass Wetland and hot spring as well as Fairy Peak, you have to rent a car which will cost 150RMB to 200RMB per day
Lugu Lake’s water is chilly even in summer. If you swim in it for long time, you will feel cold. Besides, the lake bank’s terrain is unfriendly, thus you are not advised to venture into it.
Prepare enough cash and changes
The roasted pig will cost at least 280RMB each at least, and you need to reserve in advance
Please respect local customs and do not jump into the romantic date with local man or woman and spend the night with them, it could bring you trouble

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