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Golden Hall


Maximum number of tourists: 30
Price per tour: 70 USD
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 9 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 18.10.2012)

Tour description

The Golden Hall is situated 7 kilometers from a place named Qingyanghe in Kunming City. It is very exquisite and built with brass entirely, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Climbing up along the winding stone steps from the foot of the Mingfeng Mountain at the outskirts of Kunming, you will see three stone memorial archways called "Heaven Door" standing in the pines.

When you enter "the First Heaven Door", first in your eyes are the green ancient cypresses piercing into the sky. When entering "the Second Heaven Door", you will see rooms on both sides and it was the place enshrined the Taoist statues before. Into "the Third Heaven Door", there are "the Forbidden City" and "the Taihe Palace" which are constructions of ancient castle style with tower and crenel upper.

With three large characters "Ling Xing Door" written on the door, the palace has straight and tall pines and the acolyte seat built with white marble and emerald stone inside the door. On the seat is a resplendent and magnificent palace and this is the well-known copper tile temple in China and abroad --- the Golden Hall.

As high as 6.5 meters, the Golden Hall occupies an area of 180 square meters. The whole hall used up more than 200 tons copper. The timbers, tiles, ceilings, eaves, doors, windows and walls, tablets and antithetical couplets and even the two pavilions; the Dipper flag, the Dipper sword and broadsword with the weight of 27 kilogram out of the hall all made with copper.

A Taoist "the Zhenwu King of the North Pole" built exquisitely is in the hall, is over 2 meters high. On its both sides are the Golden Boys and Jade Maidens and two Heaven Kings as high as common people are.

There are smooth and vivid dragon and phoenix patterns carved on all the boards of six doors. The gentle steps in front of the hall and the railings around all built with the marbles. The yellow tiles and white steps between the green mountains and trees made the Golden Hall more splendid in appearance.

In the garden of the Golden Hall, there are rare several camellias of "butterfly wing" and two purple roses planted in Ming Dynasty (1386~1644AD) and after several centuries, they are growing as high as the eaves. Before and after the Spring Festival, several thousand camellias are always blossoms and the flowers resemble brocade and red clouds. The two purple roses bloom from early summer and wither in September. The flowers are various and beautiful.

There is a clock pavilion in the southeast of the Golden Hall and that clock hung in the hall is the clock in "Colliding Clock Tower" of the Clock Street in Kunming and built in Ming Dynasty.

There are many antithetical couplets in Taihe Palace and the many famous verses. Among them, there is the verse: "Phoenix in the Golden Hall call sunrise, parrot in Jade Step intoxicate spring breeze". This poem explains the reason why the Phoenix Mountain also called the Parrot Mountain.

Since the Golden Hall is the famous scenic spot in Kunming, it has unique construction characters; additionally its quiet and beautiful scenery is also unique. The Golden Hall and pavilion sets in the mountain full of green pines and emerald cypresses, having its own mysterious interests.

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