Green Lake

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Green Lake


Maximum number of tourists: 30
Price per tour: 60 USD
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 1 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 19.10.2012)

Tour description

The scenery of the Green Lake Park in early spring is one of the eight most beautiful scenes in City of Kunming.

People in Kunming say that the Green Lake Park brings them the message of early spring. The Chinese contemporary writer Yangshuo said in "The Laud of Camellia": The spring in Yunnan is diligent, so it comes here early. Due to the Green Lake Park, people here can receive the news of early spring.

The Green Lake goes back to the late Yuan Dynasty (1277 ~ 1367A.D.). At that time it was only a big marsh outside the Kunming City. It was commonly called "Vegetable Lake" because many places nearby were vegetable gardens, rice fields and lotus ponds.

Legends believe that the lake water was from nine wells and then merged into the lake, so the lake is named "Nine Dragon Pond". Green Lake area were enclosed in to the city zone in Ming Dynasty (1386 ~ 1644A.D.).

When the Yunnan government were building the city walls, locals adopted the lake into the Kunming City and built pavilions, platforms and buildings in the middle of the lake.

There is a long dike running from north to south side of the lake and it is called "Ruante". There are three bridges above the dike. The north is called "Bridge of Listening Warbler", the south is "Swallow Bridge" and the middle is "Lotus Bridge".

In 1919, another dike the "Tangte" was built this time running from east to west. There are two bridges above it, the east is called "Weidong Bridge" and the west is "Dingxi Bridge". Two dikes divided the lake into four parts, accompanies with lotuses in the lake and the willows by the dike. In ancient time there were many verses praising the Green Lake. Some describe the early spring and some describe the summer and autumn scenery of the Green Lake.

If you visit Kunming at next time, the Green Lake Park is a good place to go!

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