Kunming World Horticulture Exposition

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Kunming World Horticulture Exposition


Maximum number of tourists: 20
Price per tour: 70 USD
Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 9 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 19.10.2012)

Tour description

Called "World Horticulture Expo" in short, the Kunming World Horticulture Exposition is situated in the Jindian scenic spot 8 km away from Kunming city.

It was in this place that a large-scale international horticulture Expo was held in Kunming in 1999, now it is the scenic spot with a lot of strange flowers and grass for appreciating.

The World Horticulture Exposition occupies an area of 218 hectares and the plants cover 76.7% rate, among them, there are 100 hectares gentle slopes and 10%~15% water area. With meticulous design and melting, the three parts - mountain, water and forest form a very good natural environment. You can visit the whole exhibition area along the fixed route.

Entering the garden, first in your eyes is the Chinese Garden. The Chinese Garden is the main body of the World Horticulture Exposition, next the International Garden, Man and Nature Garden, Big Hothouse Garden, Science and Technology Garden and etc. are arranged in proper order.

In the outdoor exhibition area of the Chinese Garden in the World Horticulture Exposition, there are two afforestation belts leading to north and south, they symbolize the Yangtze River and the Huanghe River.

The 34 Chinese internal Expo Gardens - 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and Hong Kong and Macao Special Administration Regions and Taiwan gardens dispose relevantly according to Chinese domain location.

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