Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Maximum number of tourists: 10
Price per tour: 200 USD
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 400 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 19.10.2012)

Tour description

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain) is the mountain chain, which is snowcapped year round in the nearest equator of the Northern Hemisphere, located in the place of 15 kilometers away from the north side of Lijiang.

The name came from the snowcapped top year round and its shape like a glittering jade dragon lying on the top of the mountain.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its danger, beauty and strangeness. The chief scenic areas on the mountain are spruce plain, white-water river, the Ganhaizi Lake, ice-tower forest and so forth. It is the multi-function tour resort combined with sightseeing, climbing mountain, exploration, and science research and spending holidays.

The spruce plain is located about one kilometer at the east foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and embraced around by the thousands years spruces. On the green grassland, there are many herding sheep flocks and the minority men and women singing melodious pastoral songs.

In the white-water river area there is a deep valley, inside which are green trees and clear springs and streams. Some springs and streams converge into many ponds and some become many waterfalls because of the terrain change, it is fun to watch. Now there are parks for cars, dining halls, shopping malls and the cable car station for in and out the spruce plain.

The Ganhaizi Lake is large grassland at the east foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and it is a large natural herding land. Originally, "Ganhaizi" in Tibetan means "lake" and "Ganhaizi" is the dry lake. Every spring and summer, the green grass becomes shade, many flowers are blooming and the large grassland becomes a large garden.

Nowadays there are skiing mountain resort for spending holidays and the large-scale cable car going up near the glaciers of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain directly. You can take the cable cars to the snowfield to appreciate the ten thousand years of snow, the marvelous spectacle of ice tower and go skiing.

The chief peak of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has a unique name "the Fan Steep". The Fan Steep has the elevation of 5,596 meters and it is high into the cloud. The jade dragon thirteen peaks ranged in south and north are like a flying dragon.

It is not only of a great momentum, but also very pretty and tall and straight. It can change its landscapes following weather and season and even from sunrise to sunset the beautiful scenery on the snowcapped mountain is different. Each plant area has its own unique plant landscape because the terrain of the mountain is from south to north and the plants on the mountain distribute according to the different climate and elevation.

The visitors often acclaim the rich vision enjoys as the acme of perfection and enjoy themselves so much that they forget to go home.

Several years ago, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is appraised the national scenic spot by the China State Council.

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