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Local Delicacies


Maximum number of tourists: 20
Price per tour: 60 USD
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 3 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 19.10.2012)

Tour description

Local Delicacies: Fried Cowhide (Youzha Niupi油炸牛皮), Crossing-over Bridge Rice Noodles (Guoqiao Mixian过桥米线), Steam Pot Chicken (Qiguoji汽锅鸡), Flowers Cakes (Xianhuabing鲜花饼), Sweet Bamboo Meal (Xiangzhufan香竹饭), Yunnan Spring Rolls (Yunan Chunjuan云南春卷), Pumi Rice Sausage (Pumi Fanchang普米饭肠).

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