shaxi old town

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shaxi old town


Maximum number of tourists: 20
Price per tour: 300 USD
Duration: 9 hours
Distance: 700 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 02.12.2012)

Tour description

Sand Creek is located in Dali, Yunnan Province, southwest of Jianchuan County, located in the Jinsha, Lancang, Nujiang three rivers flow from And southeastern part of the protected area, which lies between Dali and Lijiang ancient town of scenic, famous stone of Baoshan here. Sand Creek is a small Castle Peak around, this magnificent, pleasant weather, products rich in Lancang River System, Black River from north to south through the dam.the tea road the only one to survive on the market. The end of october 2001, and the Great Wall of China, Shaanxi daqin pagoda and monastery, Shanghai Ou heier, Snow Rachel synagogue side - by - side " monumental architecture of the World Heritage List in 2002 ".

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