Stone Sutra Column of Ksitigarbha Temple

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Stone Sutra Column of Ksitigarbha Temple


Maximum number of tourists: 50
Price per tour: 80 USD
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 1 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 02.12.2012)

Tour description

Stone Sutra Column of Ksitigarbha Temple
Located in Kunming Tuodong Road south of Kunming City Museum (formerly the ancient buildings Park), a bright and spacious hall, the middle stands the Dali Kingdom JingZhuang known as China's ancient sculpture treasures. Are here for the the former ground Cangsi, past, hence the name "land Zang Si Jing Zhuang", the Dali Kingdom (AD 937-1253) cloth sup (Guan Ming) Yuan beans light for salvation Shan the elaborated Hou high Guanyin sub clever students creatures. The Dali the country JingZhuang also known as "ground Zang Si stone buildings" or "Sanskrit JingZhuang", commonly known as the "ancient buildings", later to Cangsi the collapse of ancient buildings long-term buried underground. Unearthed from the ground Zang Si ruins of ancient buildings in 1919. Carved, sharp lines and delicate lifelike image.

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