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Travel in chengjiang


Maximum number of tourists: 50
Price per tour: 100 USD
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 56 km
Tour by: timmy tao (Date: 02.12.2012)

Tour description

Fuxian Lake, the cherry Valley project is located in Yuxi Fuxian Lake, Lake Road 7. Will be built in the area lofty health of world-class leisure and sports destination; build the global health regimen destination; most distinctive travel consumer destination style commercial street here; very Chengdu. Platinum five-star front-line Lakeview Hotel and experience the unique landscape of the unprecedented. World-class international forums Center, to build a global high-end event with international influence. Fuxian Lake River cherry valley, creating 5A class cultural tourism experience theme park. 40000 cherry, including Dian cherry, winter cherry, weeping cherry

Keywords (tags), separate by comma: beautiful views and lake sightseeing, swimming

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