Turkey can be called the world’s most frequently visited country. Beautiful landscape, the remains of ruined castles and the gorgeous palaces of great empires – these are the symbols of Turkey. Turkey tour guides from PrivateGuide will find the activity for any taste. History buffs can explore the remnants of civilizations, reflected in numerous monuments and sights. Leisure seekers won’t be disappointed to spend an afternoon relaxing at a hamam or swiming at the warm waters off the Mediterranean coast. As for the adventure lovers, they can head east to Nemrut Dagi National Park.

Istanbul should not be missed. It is a busy city full of markets and bars, inviting the tourists by excellent Ottoman cuisine, one of the tastiest in the world. You have no right not to try the meze, a table piled high with scrumptious treats. Throw away the menu, order a plate of everything and feast till you can’t go on. Istanbul is also attractive because of its beautiful mosques (Blue Mosque), palaces (Topkap? and Dolmabahce), Byzantine churches (Kariye and St. Sophia) and Roman temples. The famed city of Troy is here as well, south of Istanbul. It is hardly surprising that sea side resorts like Antalya, Alanya, Marmaris, Bodrum or Kusadasi are very popular with tourists from Europe. Personal guides advise to visit Ankara, which offers some interesting sights and attractions, the most important ones being the Museum of Anatolian Culture and the Mausoleum of Ataturk. Tour guides reveal you the soul of the country, found in the green pastures of the hinterland, where shepherds still move their herds with the seasons.

With private tour guides in Turkey  s you will discover amazing diversity of things to see, as Turkey is a wonderful destination for any traveler. Moreover unique geographic location makes it the main crossroads between Europe and the Middle East.
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