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The UK is short for the «United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In these two letters the sheer diversity of nature, sceneries and historical monuments are kept. It is difficult to mention all the sights as the United Kingdom has too many of them. With tour guides from PrivateGuide help you to understand the county, as there are many different aspects, characterizing the UK. First of all, pay attention that though it is rather a small island, there are a lot of traffic jams, secondly, the customs and food are also incredibly varied. The life of common people in the UK is strongly connected with a past, at the same time it has little in common with the way of life of its European sisters and brothers. 

The sphere of tourism in the UK is very well developed, so you won’t be disappointed with your trip to this country. From various museums, theme parks and commemorative monuments to ancient hill forts and Roman villas – the sightseeing tours, organized by personal guides, leave nobody indifferent. Any part of the UK is worth a visit. England attracts the tourists by such popular spots as London, Stratford upon Avon (the home of Shakespeare) and the City of York, famous for the medieval walls. Do not miss the modern cities of Leeds and Manchester, they also have much to offer the comers. Head for the university towns like Cambridge or Oxford and breathe in the atmosphere of science. There is a reason to visit Scotland – to enjoy the beautiful scenery and architecture, to learn historical background of the country. Our local guides take you to Edinburgh, the capital, famous for such sights as Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, The Scottish Parliament, and Museum of Scotland. Do not miss the city of Glasgow on the west coast. Wales boasts of beautiful landscapes, hospitable people and interesting traditions. In general the UK is a great place for all kinds of water sports, entertainment, sightseeing tours, and don't forget to try the local cuisine.

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