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Diciembre 2023
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I am a fully independent and professional tour guide and tour leader.
My job is my hobby - therefore I have a rare privilege to set off to work smiling.
My family settled in Gdansk in the 17th century, so I can say it is MY town:)
As a Master Mariner's daughter - I am an expert on the seaport subjects, but I specialize in medieval times.
I do researches in various fields, so as to widen my knowledge.
I write, I paint, I teach new guides too.
I find pleasure in sharing my fascinations.
Qué es lo que ofrezco
* Tailored tours - according to needs and interests
* Night Sightseeing of Malbork Castle (only in autumn and winter)
* Torun tour - the place where Nicolaus Copernicus was born
* Frombork tour - the place where Nicolaus Copernicus worked and died
* Traces of Hanseatic League in Gdansk
* Tours through Poland\'s most interesting places
* Mennonite Tours
* Medieval Brick Castles Tours
* Medieval Brick LowLand Churches
* Museum Tours - tracing the Last Judgement paintings
etc...etc... etc...

Antecedentes, Licencias y Certificados
I am licensed to guide in and around:
* Gdansk (the Hanseatic City)
* Torun (the town of Copernicus)
* Malbork Castle Museum (the medieval site of power)
* Stutthof German Concentration Camp Museum
* Warmia & Mazury Region (former East Prussia)
* Polish Pomerania Region
* Throughout Poland tours (Tour Leader)
* UNESCO Confident Guiding Echocast certificate
* Instructor at the guide\'s training
* Guiding State Examiner
More about me - on my website and the links attached there

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