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Guided tour of Turin0ItalyItaliaTurin

Discover the elegant center of Turin, with our walking tour. See the most important buildings: Palazzo Madama, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Royal Palace and its armory, the Cathedral and the Roman Q...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 150 (USD)    

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Automobile Museum0ItalyItaliaTurin

The National Automobile Museum has reopened after a radical, large-scale transformation of its contents and its building. The Museum has a new look, thanks to a modern, innovative design. It’s ...
Duración: 1 (h)     Precio por tour: 150 (USD)    

Musée du Cinema et ascenseur de la Mole0ItalyItaliaTurin

Ce musée magique a pris place dans un édifice extraordinaire, initialement conçu pour être une synagogue par l'architecte Alessandro Antonelli (d'où son nom : Mole Antonelliana). Sa taille i...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 200 (USD)    

Le Musée du Saint Suaire0ItalyItaliaTurin

Tout à côté du Palais Royal de Turin se trouve la cathédrale d'architecture Renaissance, qui renferme le Saint Suaire entouré de mystère. Que le visiteur ne s'attende pas à le voir déployé à l...
Duración: 1 (h)     Precio por tour: 150 (USD)    

Galleria Sabauda0ItalyItaliaTurin

It is an Art Gallery, containing exellent paintings from Italian and intenational Masters from the 14th to the 19th Century. It is very well-known for its collection of Flemish and Dutch paintings, am...
Duración: 1 (h)     Precio por tour: 200 (USD)    

Cinema Museum0ItalyItaliaTurin

It is housed inside the Mole Antonelliana and contains many original artifacts which go from the first optical instruments, to the beginnings of film, all the way to modern special effects. This unu...
Duración: 1 (h)     Precio por tour: 200 (USD)    

Egyptian Museum0ItalyItaliaTurin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is considered one of the most important collections of Egyptian artefacts in the world after the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. The museum houses nearly 30.000 items and docume...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 200 (USD)    

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