Khaled Abbass

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"Egyptian General tourist guides syndicate"

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Mai 2021
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Welcome to my webpage. My name is Khaled Abbass. I’m a tour guide who specializes in English language tours. I have completed 7 certificates in management and customer relations. Two of my degrees are in English language. I have extensive experience working with many tours agencies including with my own groups, friends from the USA and other speaking English countries. I have a high level of degree which makes me an expert in all branches of Egyptology.

Ce que je propose
Creating and organizing day trips and full programs that cover all of Egypt for you to discover it’s magic, beauty, and unique culture.
I provide my friends and clients with a variety of tours through all of Egypt. Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, and Abu simple include a full explanation in English and bonus information about the social life in Egypt.
We invite to let us guide you through your memorable discovery of Egypt. Let us show you how unique and specialized our tours

Mes fond, Permis et diplômes
• Provide customer service and support for all tour guides.
• Lead meetings with tour guides and resolves issues, questions.
• Daily support and communications with all customer and tour personnel.
• Maintain and update tourism activity reports.
• Record customer orders and inquiries on the intranet company portal.
• Conduct employee audits and customer complaints.
• Process all customer payments received, record, and document amounts.
• Lead roll in managing and processing all customer issue

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