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The Castle of Chapultepec (National Museum of History 0MexicoMessicoMexico City

Join me and i will lead you in a pleasant way from the foothills of the Castle to the entrance of the museum, emphasizing the pre-Hispanic history of the place, i will highlight important places aroun...
Durata: 5 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 200 (USD)    

Chapultepec Castle (National Museum of History)0MexicoMessicoMexico City

We will start our tour visiting the monument to "los niños héroes" (heroes boys), on our way up we will see the remains of prehispanic presence in the area and finally visit the Castle which...
Durata: 5 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 200 (USD)    

Visiting Metropolitan Cathedral0MexicoMessicoMexico City

We will start our day on the main entrance of the Temple, to then go inside and visit the main chappels (there are 14), Altar del Perdón, Kings Altar, the Sanctuary and Sacristy and Chorus when open t...
Durata: 3 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 120 (USD)    

Following Hernan Cortés Steps0MexicoMessicoMexico City

We will visit the main places where Hernan Cortes were at his arrival to Mexico Tenochtitlan. we will start our visit beside Metropolitan Cathedral, to then move to National Palace, Spain cultural Ce...
Durata: 4 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 120 (USD)    

Museo de Antropologia 0MexicoMessicoMexico City

Museum Entrance Fee and use of Audio equipment (groups up to 5) we will begin our Tour at the Museum entrance where Tlaloc Sculpture is located. After that we will visit Mexica, Teotihuacan and May...
Durata: 4 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 120 (USD)    

Mexico City, Queretaro, Canada de la Virgen and Guanajuato0MexicoMessicoMexico City

Oct. 29 -Pick up at Mexico City International Airport. -Breakfast at churreria El Moro -Tour in downtown Mexico City -Luch and quick tour in Queretaro -Drop off in San Miguel de Allende Nov 02 ...
Durata: 24 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 795 (USD)    

Tour da: Aaron Trejo

Yucatan: from dawn to dusk.0MexicoMessicoCancun

Yucatan is a unique place attracting completely different travelers from around the world. Those interested in ancient civilizations will find variety of Mayan cities. Nature lovers will get to know u...
Durata: 72 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 1700 (USD)    

Aztecs go to the sea. Trip from Mexico City to Cancun.0MexicoMessicoMexico City

Modern metropolises and cozy colonial towns, greatness of the mountains and beauty of underground rivers, descendants of ancient civilizations and immigrants from around the world, catholicism and pag...
Durata: 216 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 6000 (USD)    

Along the Mayan roads. Trip in Chiapas and Yucatan0MexicoMessicoSan Cristobal De Las Casas

Exploration of ancient cities of the great Mayan civilization and observation of the life of their modern descendants; immersion into the atmosphere of beautiful colonial towns admiration of natural t...
Durata: 120 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 3000 (USD)    

Chichen Itza & Valladolid private tour0MexicoMessicoCancun

Visit the archaeological site and learn about the origin, development and decay of the Maya civilization, one of the 7 Marvels of the Modern World The Kukulcan Palace and several other magnificent str...
Durata: 10 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 285 (USD)    

City Walk Tour (San Ángel, Coyoacán)0MexicoMessicoMexico City

We will discover the amazing and touristic neighbourhoods of Coyoacán and San Angel, visiting El Convento del Carmen from the 16th century where the famous mummies are located, we would also make a wa...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 115 (USD)    

Teotihuacan 'City of the Gods'0MexicoMessicoSan Juan Teotihuacan De Arista

We´ll visit the most spectacular pyramids in Mexico: Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, Temple of Quetzalpapalotl, Palaca of the Jaguars and pyramid of the Feathered Snake. Additionally we´ll see the ...
Durata: 1 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 330 (USD)    

Tour da: Aaron Trejo

Guanajuato City Tour0MexicoMessicoGuanajuato

Visit to the mine La Valenciana and the church of San Cayetano. We go to downtown and pass through the tunnels that cross underneath the city to go El Pipila to have an overview of the city. Visit t...
Durata: 1 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 310 (USD)    

Tour da: Aaron Trejo

San Miguel and sanctuary of Atotonilco0MexicoMessicoSan Miguel Allende

Visit to the city of San Miguel de Allende, downtown, Casa de Allende museum (entrance not included $ 37 pesos per person), visit to the main churches and buildings of the colonial period, visit to th...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 270 (USD)    

Tour da: Aaron Trejo

Querétaro City Tour0MexicoMessicoQueretaro

We'll see the Acueduct built in the 18th century to bring water to the city, we'll visit the church and the convent of La Santa Cruz, Plaza de Armas and its amazing houses built during the colonial pe...
Durata: 3 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 120 (USD)    

Tour da: Aaron Trejo

The best of Michoacan0MexicoMessicoMorelia

Sightseeings Option 1 - City of Morelia (World Heritage) - Patzcuaro - Cuitzeo - Santa Clara del Cobre, these 3 towns are denominated "Pueblo Magico" ("magic" towns) by ...
Durata: 48 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 100 (USD)    

Tour da: Ro ZZZZZZ

The best of Mexico City0MexicoMessicoMexico City

Sightseeings - Historic Centre of Mexico City (World Heritage) - Xochimilco (World Heritage) - UNAM (World Heritage) - San Angel - Coyoacan - Condesa- Roma others: traditional markets, craftm...
Durata: 72 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 100 (USD)    

Tour da: Ro ZZZZZZ

Jewels of Central Mexico0MexicoMessicoMorelia

Sightseeings - San Miguel de Allende (World Heritage) - City of Guanuajutato (World Heritage) - City of Queretaro (World Heritage) - City of Morelia (World Heritage)
Durata: 72 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 100 (USD)    

Tour da: Ro ZZZZZZ

Guanajuato- San Miguel de Allende0MexicoMessicoGuanajuato

Sightseeings - San Miguel de Allende (World Heritage) - City of Guanuajutato (World Heritage) - Towns of Mineral de Pozos or Dolores Hidalgo. both are denominated "Pueblo Magico" ("...
Durata: 48 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 100 (USD)    

Tour da: Ro ZZZZZZ

Queretaro-Sierra Gorda0MexicoMessicoQueretaro

Sightseeings -Queretaro (World Heritage) -The Franciscan Missions of the Sierra Gorda (World Heritage) - Sierra Gorda (Unesco Biosphere Reserve) - La Huasteca (Queretaro, San Luis Potosi) - Las P...
Durata: 72 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 100 (USD)    

Tour da: Ro ZZZZZZ

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